16.2. Comparing target configuration to connection configuration

There is a distinction in RealView Debugger between configuring the target, for example memory layout, and configuring how the target is accessed. Within the board file you can specify two types of entry, shown in Figure 16.1:

Entries such as CONNECTION and CHIP contain many individual settings and in this book are called groups. Groups can contain subgroups. Individual settings, such as the Disabled setting shown in Figure 16.1, are always stored in groups, such as the CONNECTION group.

Figure 16.1. Connection Properties window

The left pane of the Connection Properties window lists the groups for the board file. The red floppy disk icons indicate a group that is stored in its own file. The yellow folder icons indicate that the group is stored within an enclosing group.

The right pane of the Connection Properties window lists the groups and other entries that a selected group contains. Yellow icons in this pane mean the same as yellow folder icons in the left pane, but a red floppy disk icon in the right pane is also used for any setting that references a file, for example the Configuration value in Figure 16.1.

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