7.1.5. Viewing internal variables

RealView Debugger internals are stored with the image for persistence across different debugging sessions. These variables are displayed in the Debug tab in the Register pane:


Semihosting is a mechanism for ARM architecture-based targets to communicate input/output requests from application code to a host computer running a debugger.

Set this variable to TRUE (1) to enable semihosting. This is the default.

Set this variable to FALSE (0) to disable semihosting.

The S bit in Vector has no effect unless semihosting is disabled.


This variable specifies the highest address in memory that the C library can use for stack space.


This variable defines ARM software interrupt number reserved for semihosting.


This variable defines Thumb software interrupt number reserved for semihosting.


Specific to ARM architecture-based target vehicles, this variable defines the handler address.


This enables output to go to, and come from, a file or window that has been opened with the FOPEN or VOPEN command.

These variables depend on your debug target. See your processor hardware documentation for details on processor-specific statistics.

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