14.5.1. Searching pairs

Select the option Find → Pair Matching... to display the Pair Matching dialog box, shown in Figure 14.3. Use this to search for pairs in the current file tab.

Figure 14.3. Pair Matching dialog box

Pair Matching dialog box

Specify the type of structure you are looking for in the Match field. Click on the drop-down arrow to display the pair selection list where you can highlight the required pair delimiters.

Configuring the search

The current cursor position defines the starting point but you can specify how the search is carried out:

  • select the Forward radio button to search from the starting point to the end of the file

  • select the Backward radio button to search from the starting point to the beginning of the file

  • select the Enclosing radio button to look for the pair currently enclosing the cursor, see Enclosing for more information.

If you have enabled wrapping during search operations, this does not affect searching for pairs. When the end or beginning of the file is reached the search stops and reports no more matches using an information box (the default option).

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