5.9.2. Saving existing breakpoints as favorites

If you have already set some breakpoints, RealView Debugger lets you choose which to add to your favorites list so that they are available to re-use in future debugging sessions or with other build target configurations of your application program.

To add existing breakpoints to your favorites list:

  1. Select View → Pane Views → Break/Tracepoints Pane to display the Break/Tracepoints pane.

  2. Highlight a breakpoint in the display list that you want to add to your favorites list.

  3. Right-click and select Break/Tracepoint Favorites... from the Break/Tracepoints menu. This displays the Favorites Chooser/Editor.

  4. Click Add to List to add the specified breakpoint to your favorites list. This displays the New/Edit Favorite dialog box shown in Figure 5.33.

    Figure 5.33. Adding a new favorite

    Adding a new favorite

    The Expression field contains the breakpoint details. The Description field enables you to enter a short text description to help you to identify the breakpoint. This text is optional.

  5. Click OK to confirm the breakpoint details and close the dialog box.

The Favorites Chooser/Editor dialog box is updated to show the new breakpoint in the display list. Because this breakpoint is already set, click Close to close the dialog box. If required, you can set another breakpoint from your favorites list before closing the dialog box.

The edited favorites list is saved to your exphist.sav file when you close RealView Debugger.

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