16.3.2. Saving and restoring connection properties

When you are configuring RealView Debugger, and especially when you are testing out worked examples, you are recommended to keep backups of known-good configuration information before changing settings. These are the backup systems you can use:

Using the automatic backup files

RealView Debugger automatically renames any existing file named in What the configuration files contain by adding a .bak file extension whenever the file is edited. Any previous backup copy of the file is deleted.

If you want to restore a backup file:

  1. Exit the Connection Properties window without saving changes.

  2. Delete the current file or files.

  3. Rename the backup file to the original filename by deleting .bak from the name.

Using manual file or directory backups

For safer backups, you are recommended to make tape or disk copies of the files in another place. The simplest policy is to save the whole directory when you make a backup, but restore individual files when you want to revert changes.


If you restore the whole directory, then in addition to restoring the Connection Properties configuration information, you restore preferences that you might not want to change, for example workspace properties, project properties, and window layout.

Creating a directory backup requires you to locate and copy the home directory to a safe place. You do not have to exit the debugger to do this.

Restoring a previous backup file by file requires you to:

  1. Locate the backup that you wish to restore from and the debugger home directory that RealView Debugger is using for your session.

    See Defining the home directory for more information about the location of your debugger home directory.

  2. Determine the files to restore.

  3. Copy the backup files to the debugger home directory.

Deciding which files to restore depends on the type of configuration you have performed. These hints might help:

  • If you have configured or reconfigured a chip or board using BOARD, CHIP or COMPONENT groups, select appropriate files from the *.bcd set.

    If you have created new *.bcd files in your debugger home directory, you might also want to delete them from that directory. However, a *.bcd file is not used unless it is explicitly referenced.

  • If you have changed everything, or you are not sure what to select, selecting all the files listed in What the configuration files contain restores the Connection Properties window to its original state.

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