14.6.1. Using the Find dialog box

You can configure how to search files in the File Editor. Select Find → Find... from the main menu to display the Find dialog box shown in Figure 14.1.

Table 14.1 describes the options available from the Find dialog box.

Table 14.1. Setting temporary search settings



Search Backwards

By default, a file is searched forwards, that is from the current cursor position to the end of the file. Set this option if you want to reverse the search direction.


By default, the File Editor assumes that the string in the Find field is a text string. Setting this option forces the editor to interpret the string as a regular expression.

Stop at Top/Bottom

By default, any search operation wraps in the current file. That is the search begins at the current cursor position, goes to the end of the file and then restarts at the top of the file until it reaches the starting point. Set this option to disable wrapping, that is to force the search to stop when it reaches the top or the bottom of a file.

Insensitive Searches

By default, any search is case sensitive. That is uppercase and lowercase are distinct so searching for ARM does not find Arm or arm. Setting this option means that uppercase and lowercase are treated as identical.

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