7.1.2. Formatting options

You can change the way register values are displayed in the Register pane.

For all registers

Click the Pane menu to select formatting options for all registers currently displayed, for example, to display contents as values rather than enumerations or to display values in decimal format.

Use the option Copy Pane to take a snapshot of the top-level pane display. You can then copy this, for example into a text editor, so that you can compare registers and values.

For selected registers

You can change the display format for a single register while viewing other registers in the default format. Right-click on a chosen register, for example R3, to display the Register context menu.

This menu enables you to change the format of the chosen register, to view the properties, or to change the register contents, for example, select Increment to add one to the current value. You can also select from a list of previously used values to update the current contents.

The options offered on this menu vary depending on the register currently under the mouse pointer. Position your pointer over the Mode field of the CPSR register SVC and then right-click to display the Status register context menu.

You can use this menu to change the register contents, or pick from a list of values appropriate to this register.

Select Set Enumeration... to display the selection box shown in Figure 7.2.

Figure 7.2. Setting enumeration values

Setting enumeration values

This dialog enables you to select a new value for the chosen register or to use an expression to define the contents. For example, highlight the entry <Set by Value/Expression...>. Click OK to display a box where you can enter the value or choose from a drop-down list.

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