2.2.1. The vehicle menu

Right-click on the ARM-ARM-USB vehicle, to see the vehicle context menu shown in Figure 2.4.

Figure 2.4. Vehicle menu

Vehicle menu

The options available from this menu are:

Collapse All

Collapses the hierarchical tree to display only the top-level entry.

Expand Vehicles

Expands the hierarchical tree to display the contents of the top-level group.

Connection Properties...

Displays the Connection Properties window to amend current configuration details or to add target configurations.

Select Board-File...

Displays the Select Board-File to Read dialog, where you can specify a new board file for target configuration in this session.

If there are any connections established, for any vehicle, the menu includes the option:

Disconnect All

Disconnects all connected targets and collapses the hierarchical tree to display the top-level and second-level entries.

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