6.4.2. Memory map configuration

You configure the memory map for a chosen processor using the Add/Copy/Edit Memory Map dialog box shown in Figure 6.2. This dialog box contains the following fields:

Start Addr

The start address of the memory area.


The memory area is defined by the start address and the size.


The end of the memory area. By default, this is the block size. If the End is inclusive Length (vs. Addr) check box is unselected, then this is the absolute address of the end of the memory area.

End is inclusive Length (vs. Addr)

Unselect this check box if you want to specify the end address, rather than the block size. Then enter the address in the End field, for example 0xFFFFFFF0


Defines the access rules for the memory:


Memory is readable and writable.


Memory is read-only.


Memory is write-only.


No memory.


Memory is defined by the application currently loaded. If there is no application loaded, this shows NOM.


You are prompted to confirm that this type of memory is permitted for the loaded application. If there is no application loaded, this shows NOM.


Memory is readable and, if a Flash programming routine is present, writable.


The type of memory page is always set to Any for ARM® architecture-based processors.


A text description of the purpose of the memory supplied as part of the automatic mapping. You can also supply this information yourself (see Setting up a memory map).

To see details about a map entry, right-click on the chosen entry and select Properties from the context menu. This displays a text description of the type of memory defined at this location.

Display colors

When using the Map tab to view the memory map, RealView® Debugger uses color to make the display easier to read and to highlight the different memory definitions, shown in the example in Figure 6.4.

Figure 6.4. Colors in the memory map

Colors in the memory map

In this example, memory has been mapped, using a board/chip definition file, to declare Flash.

Colored icons enable you to identify the memory access defined:

  • white (open) specifies Auto, where no memory type is defined, that is Default Mapping

  • blue indicates RAM

  • yellow indicates ROM

  • red indicates write-only memory (WOM)

  • green indicates Flash memory known to RealView Debugger

  • red cross indicates no accessible memory is defined (NOM).

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