3.2.4. Working with user-defined projects

With a user-defined project open, right-click on the Project entry to display the Project context menu, shown in Figure 3.7.

Figure 3.7. Project menu

Project menu

This menu enables you to view details of your project, make changes to project settings, and to perform selected components of the build model following changes to project files.

See Chapter 12 Managing Projects for full details on these options.

Closing user-defined projects

To close a user-defined project where the associated image is loaded, right-click on the Project entry in the Process tab and select Close from the Project context menu.

RealView Debugger gives you the option to unload the image when the project closes.

If you choose to unload the image, RealView Debugger completes the operation, closes the project, and then executes any close operations associated with the project.

If you do not unload the image, RealView Debugger:

  1. Closes the user-defined project.

  2. Executes any close commands associated with the project.

  3. Either:

    • opens the saved auto-project file, where one exists for the image

    • creates an in-memory project where no saved auto-project exists.

It is not necessary to reload the image following these actions.


You can also use the Project menu from the Code window main menu to close user-defined projects in the same way.

See Chapter 12 Managing Projects for more details on working with user-defined projects.

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