2.1.1. Using the Connection Control window

The Connection Control window shows all the connections available to you as specified in your board file and the configuration files it references. The window title bar shows the location of the board file being used. In the example in Figure 2.1, this is the default file, stored in program_directory\home\user_name\rvdebug.brd.

The Connection Control window is arranged in two columns or panes, Name and Description. Connection and target details are displayed in the left pane as a hierarchical tree with node controls, + and -.

Expanding and collapsing groups

Expand and collapse the groups in the Connection Control window by clicking on the plus sign or the minus sign at each node in the Name tree. Figure 2.1 shows a Connection Control window after groups have been expanded. If a group is selected, a box is drawn around it.

Context menus are available to change the way entries are displayed. To expand the top-level group, right-click on the group, for example ARM-ARM-USB, and select Expand Vehicles from the context menu. To expand the second-level entry, right-click on the RVI-ME entry, and select Expand. To collapse them again, select Collapse from the context menu.

You can connect or disconnect by checking or unchecking the connection state check box shown in Figure 2.2.

Figure 2.2. The Connection Control check box

If you collapse connected (checked) entries, RealView® Debugger does not complete the collapse request so that a connection is not hidden. Instead, the control is grayed out, as shown for the RVI-ME entry in Figure 2.3.

Figure 2.3. Collapsed, active connection display

The Connection Control window shows available connections as defined by the target configuration settings. This is based on information about the available target processors as defined in the default configuration files. The RealView ICE Micro Edition (RVI-ME) configuration files, installed as part of the root installation, specify ARM7TDMI_0 as the default processor.

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