1.2.2. Defining the home directory

RealView Debugger requires a home directory to store user-specific settings and configuration files. This is not the same as your Windows home directory.

The location of this directory depends on the environment variables set, and the command line arguments used, when RealView Debugger starts. It uses the following tests to define the home directory:

  1. The -home command line argument, if used.

  2. The RVDEBUG_HOME environment variable, if set.

  3. The -user command line argument, if used. This is then used to specify the user ID in the home directory, for example set USER=my_user_name to specify the home directory program_directory\home\my_user_name.

  4. Your default Windows login, for example program_directory\home\WinLogID.

    If your Windows login ID contains spaces, these are converted to underscores. Any ID longer than 14 characters is automatically truncated.

Because you can choose the home directory, the installation directory and your user name, the RealView Debugger home directory is defined in this book as being in a default location program_directory\home\user_name, where user_name is the Windows login ID and program_directory is the default location for the base installation, such as C:\Program Files\ARM\RVD\Core\1.6.1\build_num\win_32-pentium. This means that your files might be stored in places other than those given in the examples.

For details on the files that are stored in the RealView Debugger home directory, see the online help topic Where is information stored?

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