6.5. Editing map entries

To edit memory map settings using the Map tab:

  1. Right-click on the first entry in the display list to display the context menu shown in Figure 6.1.

  2. Select the option Add or Copy Map Entry... to display the Add/Copy/Edit Memory Map dialog. See Memory map configuration for details.

  3. Use the Start Addr field to define the starting location for the mapping. This already contains the start address for the chosen block, shown in the Map tab.

  4. Use the End field to define the block size for the mapping.

    RealView Debugger automatically sets the size you specify. If the computed size does not fall on a page boundary an error dialog is displayed and you must resubmit the block size.

    Entering a value of 0x0 remaps all memory from the starting address.

  5. Highlight the access type in the display list, for example RAM.

  6. Enter the memory type to be allocated, for example Any.

  7. Enter a description of the new memory map settings, for example New test memory entry.

  8. Click OK to confirm your new settings and to update the Map tab.

RealView Debugger displays a warning if you have entered any values incorrectly, for example a mismatch on start and end addresses. Correct these entries and click OK. When all entries are correct, the dialog box closes and the Map tab is updated.

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