3.4. Working with multiple images

RealView Debugger provides the option to load multiple images to your debug target. This enables you to load, for example, both an executable image and an RTOS at the same time.

To load two images to your debug target:

  1. Load the first image, for example hello.axf in the usual way.

  2. Load a second image to the target, for example demo.axf. The two images must not overlap in memory.


    Remember to unselect the Replace Existing File(s) check box.

  3. Select View → Pane Views → Process Control Pane from the default Code window main menu to display the Process Control pane.

  4. Expand the display to see the process details, shown in Figure 3.8.

    Figure 3.8. Multiple images in the Process Control pane

    Multiple images in the Process Control pane

In this example, RealView Debugger:

For information on projects and project binding see Chapter 12 Managing Projects.

Because neither image is currently executing, the Process entry shows the current location of the PC, auto-set when the first image was loaded. You can move the PC manually to start debugging or reload the image that you want to test. For information on changing the PC see:


If you are working with multiple images, you must set a manual breakpoint at the entry point for any images loaded above 0x8000. This ensures that RealView Debugger is able to debug these images in the usual way.

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