17.3.2. Creating a *.bcd file

To create a new *.bcd file, you must copy one of the existing files. You can do this in Windows Explorer or from within RealView Debugger.

To copy the file in Windows Explorer, use the Windows copy commands in the normal way. Start RealView Debugger and display the Connection Properties window. Resume at step 8 of the following procedure.

To copy a *.bcd file from within the debugger:

  1. Select File → Connection → Connection Properties... to display the Connection Properties window.

  2. Expand the group (*.bcd) Board/Chip Definitions to show the current list of target descriptions.

  3. Right-click on the name of the *.bcd file to copy. For example, right-click on the entry ...\MCUeval.bcd.

  4. Select Save As... from the context menu, to display the dialog shown in Figure 17.3.

    Figure 17.3. Saving an existing *.bcd file with a new name

    Saving an existing *.bcd file with a new name

    By default, *.bcd files are saved in your default settings directory program_directory\etc. Locate your RealView Debugger home directory to save the new file.

  5. Enter the new filename, for example MCU.bcd. You must use the .bcd file extension.

  6. Click Save. The dialog closes and the new name is displayed in the *.bcd list. It replaces the initial filename.

  7. Select File → Save Changes, then File → Reset to display the updated list of target description files.

  8. Expand the new .bcd file group by clicking on the icon. Right-click on the contents (for example, a BOARD entry), to display the context menu shown in Figure 17.4.

    Figure 17.4. Deleting the original contents of the copied file

    Deleting the original contents of the copied file
  9. Select Delete from the context menu to delete the BOARD (or other groups) in the file. By deleting and then recreating the group, you avoid problems caused by old and inappropriate settings.

  10. Select File → Save and Close.


The general layout and controls of the RealView Debugger settings windows are described in the online help topic Changing Settings.

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