19.3.2. The current thread

An asterisk * beside the name of the thread in the thread list indicates the current thread. The current thread is initially set to the thread that was running on the processor when it stopped. Unattached windows always display the current thread.

You can set the current thread by clicking the Thread button on the Actions toolbar, to cycle through the threads until the desired thread is selected.

When the current thread is changed, for example when you stop the target with a different thread active, a message is displayed in the Cmd tab of the Output pane displaying details of the new current thread. The details include the thread number in decimal and the thread name, if it is available.

See Working with threads in the Process Control pane for other ways of working with the current thread.


Selecting a thread from the Thread button drop-down list does not set that thread to be the current thread, although it does display that thread.

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