10.2.7. Calling a macro

When you first start RealView Debugger, any macros you created have been unloaded from RealView Debugger. Loading an image with all associated symbols also deletes any macros.

To load, or reload, macros into RealView Debugger:

  1. Select Debug from the main menu to display the Debug menu.

  2. Select Include Commands from File... to display the Select File to Include Commands from dialog box.

  3. Highlight the required .inc file and then click Open. This loads the selected macro into RealView Debugger. If there is an error in the .inc file, an error message is generated in the Output pane and the macro is undefined.

  4. Select Debug → Add/Edit Debugger Macros... to display the Add/Edit Macros dialog box where your macro is now shown in the Existing Macros display list.

You can load in several macros in this way ready for use in your debugging session. When a macro is displayed in the Add/Edit Macros dialog box, it can be changed as described previously and re-used, and resaved if required.

After a macro has been loaded into RealView Debugger, the definition is stored in the symbol table. If the symbol table is recreated, for example when an image is loaded with symbols, any macros are automatically deleted. The number of macros that can be defined is limited only by the available memory on your workstation.

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