5.1.2. Using hardware breakpoints

Setting a software breakpoint requires that RealView Debugger changes executable instructions, so this is only possible for code stored in RAM. Where instructions are in ROM, you must set hardware breakpoints.

RealView Debugger sets a hardware breakpoint where possible if you request an instruction break in ROM. However, to use hardware breakpoints, your debug target must include support for such breakpoints. Even where this support is available, your target might be limited in the number it can support at one time. RealView Debugger menu options related to hardware breakpoints are grayed out if your target cannot support them or if no more are available.

Viewing your hardware characteristics

To see your hardware support for breakpoints select Debug → Complex Breakpoints → Show Break Capabilities of HW... from the default Code window main menu. This displays an information box describing the support available for your target processor, shown in Figure 5.1.

Figure 5.1. Example hardware break characteristics

Example hardware break characteristics

Figure 5.1 shows the results for a core that contains hardware extensions for advanced debugging operations. In this example, the target processor is able to support a large number of hardware breakpoints.

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