19.4. Using the Resource Viewer window

The thread information displayed in the thread list might be supplemented by information in the Resource Viewer window. Select View → Resource Viewer Window to display this window for your current image, shown in Figure 19.3.

Figure 19.3. Resource Viewer showing thread details

Resource Viewer showing thread details

The Resource Viewer window title bar reflects the title bar of the calling Code window. In this example, the Code window is attached to the current thread.

The Resource Viewer window includes the:

For details on these menus see the chapter describing the desktop in your Getting Started guide.

The Resources list is displayed in the tabbed pane at the top of the window. If you do not have RTOS support loaded, this contains only the Conn tab. With an RTOS application loaded, an RTOS-specific tab is added to display the processes or threads that are configured, shown in Figure 19.3. Other tabs might be included to support the display of other RTOS data structures, also shown in Figure 19.3.

With the RTOS-specific thread tab visible, the Resource Viewer window shows the same threads list available from the Thread button drop-down list, with the same fields shown. The information displayed is RTOS specific.

If you click on one of the lines in the Resources list, to select one of the threads, the lower pane, the Details area, displays more information about that thread.

For more information about the meaning of the fields displayed in the Resource Viewer window, see the user manual for your RTOS.


Different RTOS support libraries might display information in different ways in this window, and other RealView Debugger extensions might add other tabs to the Resource list.

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