19.2.3. Connecting to the target and loading an image

You connect to an RTOS target in the same way as non-RTOS targets, for example using the Connection Control window. This section describes how to connect to your target and load an image. It contains these sections:

Before connecting

Ensure that:

Connecting interactively

To connect using the GUI:

  1. Start RealView Debugger.

  2. Connect to the target using the RTOS-enabled connection, for example using the Connection Control window.

  3. Select File → Load Image... to load the image.

    Uncheck the Replace Existing File(s) option in the Load File to Target dialog, or use the ADDFILE and RELOAD commands, if you have several executable files to load.

Connecting from the system command line

You can connect to the target and load your image when the debugger starts up. To do this:

  1. Ensure that your specifies an open connection, so that the debugger automatically connects on startup.

    If your workspace does not specify an open connection, when you try to load an image a dialog is displayed asking if you want to make a connection, for example using the Connection Control window. If you do, as soon as the connection is made the image is loaded.

  2. Provide the executable filename and any required arguments on the command line.

Some RTOS file loaders support the target_name parameter, which enables you to modify the file load actions. See the documentation for your RTOS support library for more information. The RealView Debugger command-line syntax is as follows:

rvdebug.exe -exec image.axf;target_name;[arg1 arg2 arg3 ...]



Specifies the image loaded when RealView Debugger starts up.


Specifies the target loader information. Where supported, this is the target name that is passed to RTOS image loader. Can be empty.


Specifies an optional, space-separated, list of arguments to the image.

Where several arguments are provided, the list must be enclosed in quotes. The case of arguments is preserved.

See the following for more information on operations available from the command line:

For details of the CONNECT, LOAD, ADDFILE, and RELOAD commands see RealView Developer Kit v1.0 Debugger Command Line Reference Guide.

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