5.7.2. Viewing breakpoints in the Break/Tracepoints pane

The Break/Tracepoints pane shows entries in a tree view giving the Type and Value of each breakpoint you set, shown in the example in Figure 5.29.

Figure 5.29. Breakpoints in the Break/Tracepoints pane

Each breakpoint is identified by a:

In this example, the debug target is ARM7TDMI_0. An area of memory has been designated ROM and so the BREAKINSTRUCTION command tries to auto-switch to a BREAKEXECUTION command if the given location is found to be in this part of memory. When the hardware breakpoint limit is reached for this debug target no further breakpoints can be set on code in this area.

In the next example, shown in Figure 5.30, different types of hardware breakpoints have been set, and disabled, during the session.

Figure 5.30. Hardware breakpoints in the Break/Tracepoints pane

Hardware breakpoints in the Break/Tracepoints pane
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