19.3.1. Selecting threads from the thread list

With the RTOS extension loaded into RealView Debugger, the Thread button is enabled on the Actions toolbar in the Code window. Click on this button to cycle all unattached windows through the threads list. This sets the current context to the selected thread and changes the code view. The Thread button enables you to view each of the active threads in turn without affecting window attachment.


If the current Code window is an attached window, a message dialog Do you want to detach this window is displayed. Clicking Yes causes the window to be detached and a new thread to be displayed. Clicking No aborts the action. See Attaching and unattaching windows for details on windows attachment.

Clicking on the drop-down arrow causes RealView Debugger to fetch the list of active threads from the target and display a summary, as in the example in Figure 19.2.

Figure 19.2. Example thread list

Example thread list

Below the menu spacer line are the details of the threads running on the target. For this example, the fields that are displayed for the threads shown in Figure 19.2 are:

Select a new thread from the thread list to cause the code view to switch to displaying the registers, variables, and code for that thread. If your Code window is unattached, it becomes attached to the newly-selected thread. Other unattached windows are not affected.

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