17.2. The supplied target descriptions

This section describes the target board descriptions that are supplied with RealView Debugger. These descriptions can be used with the associated target without further modification. Reference them from the target connection, see Linking a board, chip, or component to a connection for details.

The target descriptions are stored in files with the extension .bcd, in the default settings directory program_directory\etc. These Board/Chip definition files include details of the location and format of the registers and memory available on the described target boards.


If you upgrade to a later version of RealView Developer Kit (RVDK) you are provided with a new, and possibly different, version of these files. It is recommended, therefore, that you do not modify these files so that you can upgrade easily. See Creating new target descriptions for details of creating your own configurations.

The supplied descriptions include:


A description of your evaluation board registers and memory map, including a description of the processor internal registers.


You can combine the platform and core module descriptions by using multiple BoardChip_name assignments in the CONNECTION section of the board file, shown in Figure 17.2.

Figure 17.2. Connection Properties window, showing use of BoardChip_name setting

You can use the supplied target descriptions by referencing them from the connection you use to communicate with your target. Select the CONNECTION=RVI-ME entry, and modify the setting BoardChip_name to reference you board/chip definition. In this example, ARM7TDMI. For further instructions on doing this, see Linking a board, chip, or component to a connection.

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