5.9.1. Creating a breakpoint favorite

RealView Debugger keeps a record of all breakpoints that you set during your debugging session as part of your history file. By default, at the end of your debugging session, these processor-specific lists are saved in the file exphist.sav in your RealView Debugger home directory. This file also keeps a record of your favorites, for example Break Qualifiers, Break Actions, and Break/Tracepoints.

To create a new breakpoint and add it to your favorites list:

  1. Select Debug → Simple Breakpoints → Break/Tracepoint Favorites... to display the Favorites Chooser/Editor dialog box.

  2. Click New to display the New/Edit Favorite dialog box, shown in Figure 5.32.

    Figure 5.32. New/Edit Favorite dialog box

    New/Edit Favorite dialog box

    Here you can enter the command to create the breakpoint and, optionally, a short text description to identify the breakpoint for future use.

  3. Click OK to confirm the entries and close the New/Edit Favorite dialog box.

    The Favorites Chooser/Editor dialog box is displayed with the newly-created breakpoint shown in the display list.

  4. Use the available controls to update the new breakpoint favorite:


    Displays the New/Edit Favorite dialog box, shown in Figure 5.32 where you can create a second breakpoint.


    Highlight a breakpoint in the display list and click this button to display the New/Edit Favorite dialog box already populated with the breakpoint details ready to change.


    Highlight a breakpoint in the display list and click this button to delete the chosen breakpoint from your favorites list.

    Add to List

    Adds an existing breakpoint to your favorites list. See Saving existing breakpoints as favorites for details on using this button.


    Sets the specified breakpoint on your current debug target. An error message is displayed if a breakpoint already exists at this location.


    Closes the Favorites Chooser/Editor dialog box without setting a breakpoint on the current debug target. In this way you can build up a list of breakpoint favorites ready for your next debugging session.


    Displays the online help for this dialog box.

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