8.5.4. Comparing memory with file contents

To verify a file:

  1. Select Debug → Memory/Register Operations → Upload/Download Memory file... from the Code window main menu to display the Upload/Download file from/to Memory dialog box (see Figure 8.4).

  2. Select Verify File and Memory.

  3. Specify the file to be compared.

  4. Specify the memory range to be compared.

  5. Click Apply to compare the file contents with the specified memory block.

  6. Click on the Cmd tab in the Output pane and view the results, for example:

    verifyfile,ascii,gui "C:\myProjects\Test_files\memory_file_3"
    Mismatch at Address 0x000088B6: 0x8E vs 0x8F

    The first mismatch is identified and the location reported. Any mismatches after this location are not reported.

  7. Click Close to close the Upload/Download file from/to Memory dialog box.

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