19.2.1. Enabling RTOS support

Your RTOS support library documentation contains the instructions for installing and configuring the software. The RTOS support library might also include a Board/Chip definition file, *.bcd, containing the information required to enable RTOS support in the debugger.

If you have an RTOS-specific *.bcd file, you can enable RTOS support on your target by referencing the *.bcd file from your current target configuration file, for example rvdebug.brd. Do this using the BoardChip_name entry as described in the configuring custom targets chapter of the RealView Debugger v1.6 Target Configuration Guide.

If you do not have an RTOS-specific *.bcd file, configure the RTOS on your target using your RTOS support library documentation coupled with the information in Basic RTOS configuration options.

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