A.3.2. Search

Settings in this group control the searching behavior when working with source files in the File Editor pane.

These settings can be overridden dynamically using the menus and toggles in the File Editor.

Table A.7 describes these settings.

Table A.7. Search settings


Use this to specify the search direction. The default is to search forwards, that is, from the top to the bottom of the file.

WrapUse this to specify search behavior when the end of file is reached. The default is to wrap during a search, that is, to search to the end of the file and then to start again at the top until the starting point is reached.
SensitiveUse this to specify whether uppercase and lowercase characters are treated as identical in searches. By default, searches are case-sensitive.

When set to True, full grep-style regular expressions are used in searches. The default is False, not enabled. When working in vi command mode, regular expressions are enabled by default, unless disabled using the :set command.

FailUse this to specify editor behavior when a search fails. Set to dialog by default, you can change this to flash. When working in vi mode, a message is displayed in the vi command line when no match is found.
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