A.2.2. Button

Use these settings to create new buttons to customize Code window toolbars. You can also use these settings to edit default buttons or to replace Default with a new group that defines a button of your design.

When it first starts, RealView Debugger uses the last-used settings unless overridden by these settings. Any new Code windows you then open in the session are controlled by these settings.

Table A.4 describes these settings.

Table A.4. Button settings


Use this to specify the hover text to accompany the new or edited button. By default, the button name is used as the hover text unless overridden by this setting.


Use this to specify the description text that is shown in the Status line when the pointer is over the new or edited button. You can also specify a file to contain the text.


When creating a new button, you must specify a destination, for example a RealView Debugger command, a registered DLL, or the operating system command shell.


Use this to specify the command generated by the new button.


Use this to specify the icon displayed for the new button. You can select from the list of predefined icons. Right-click to see the available options.


Use this to specify the DLL underneath the new button, if any.


Use this to specify the location of the new button on the toolbar. You can place the button relative to existing buttons or append it.


These settings are not available in this release.

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