10.1. About macros

Macros are interpreted C code running on the workstation with access to target memory and symbols, user-defined debugger symbols, in host or target memory, and debugger functions. Macros can access debugger variables, external windows and programs, and can be attached to breakpoints, aliases, and windows.

A macro can contain:

You can define and use macros at any time during a debugging session to use the commands or statements contained in the macro. You call the macro with a single command using the name. The macro definition might contain parameters that you change each time the macro is called.

When a macro is defined, you can use it as:

This section gives an overview of macros in RealView Debugger. It includes the following sections:

RealView Debugger also includes a series of predefined macros that you can use during your debugging session. See Predefined macros for a full description.

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