19.3.3. Attaching and unattaching windows

If you are licensed to use multiprocessor debugging mode, Code windows in RealView Debugger have two states relating to threads and processes. The attachment status is displayed in the title bar after the name of the target:


All unattached windows display details of the current thread, that is the thread that was most recently running on the target when the target stops.


If the title bar does not contain [Unattached] then this window is attached to a chosen thread, that is it is always associated with this thread.

Use the thread list, from the Thread button drop-down arrow, to select threads. By default, new Code windows are unattached, and the first menu item entry in the thread list is Attach Window to a Thread. The menu item is ticked when you display this list from an attached window. Select it again to unattach an attached window.


To display a new Code window, select View → New Code Window.

See Working with threads in the Process Control pane for other ways of changing window attachment.

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