12.5.5. Steps for creating a Container project

The steps described in this section assume that you have performed the first three steps described in Common steps for creating a user-defined project.

To create a Container project:

  1. Complete the entries on the Create Container Project dialog box:

    Project Name

    This shows the name specified for the new project.

    Sub-Projects (order defines build order)

    Click the directory icon to locate the project files to use for the Container project. The project settings files are added to the project list box, and they are all selected.

    Alternatively, enter a project filename in the text box, then click the Add button. The file is added to the project file list, and is selected.

    You can perform other operations on the project file list:

    • Click Del to delete all selected files from the project file list.

    • Click Rep to replace the selected file in the project file list with the file specified in the text box.

    • Click AllOn or AllOff to respectively select or deselect all files in the project file list.


    You do not have to add your subprojects here. You can create the project, and then add the subprojects later using the Project Properties window.


    Enter a description for the project, saved in the PROJECT group.

  2. Click OK to confirm the project details and to close the Create Custom Project dialog box.

  3. Make any changes to the project properties to customize the new project. See Customizing and building your project.

The nature of Container projects means that if you have a Container project open, you are working on multiple projects at the same time. You can perform additional operations on the individual projects in a Container project. See Working with Container projects, for more details.


Container projects can be nested but not recursive, that is a Container project can include other Container projects but must not include itself. However, the nested Container project has no makefile and so any build fails.

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