12.5.6. Steps for copying an existing user-defined project

The steps described in this section assume that you have performed the first three steps described in Common steps for creating a user-defined project.

To create a copy of an existing user-defined project:

  1. Locate the project settings file to copy on the Select Project to Copy from dialog box.

    By default, RealView Debugger begins the search in the destination location because this is now the current working directory.

  2. Click Open to copy the project details to the new project.

  3. If the project you are using to create the new project has associated subdirectories, you are prompted to copy the directory tree structure. In general, it is recommended that you copy the existing tree structure for the new project:

    • Click Yes to copy the directory tree to the new project. RealView Debugger replicates the entire contents starting at the location of the specified .prj file.

    • Click No if you do not want to copy the tree.

  4. If you are copying a Container project, RealView Debugger displays a list of any subprojects that could not be opened. Make a note of these projects. You can add these projects using the Project Properties window.

    Click OK to close the dialog box.

  5. Make any changes to the project properties to customize the new project. See Customizing and building your project.

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