12.1.3. Auto-projects

When an image, for example test_image.axf, is loaded to a debug target, RealView Debugger checks to see if an auto-project with the same name (test_image.axf.apr) exists in the same location. If an auto-project exists, RealView Debugger opens this to provide certain project settings for the current session. If no auto-project exists, RealView Debugger creates an in-memory auto-project to use in this session by reading settings directly from the image.


When RealView Debugger creates an auto-project, it derives a project name from the name of the associated image. It is this project name, and not the image name, that is shown in the title bar of the default Code window. However, only the image name is visible in the Process Control pane.

Auto-projects are used to store configuration information for the image, including:

The .apr file has an identical format to that of a user-defined Custom project settings file. There is no build model for the current image because this was unknown when the image was loaded. The Process tab in the Process Control pane contains a Settings group that indicates whether or not you have saved the auto-project settings to a .apr file.


You can merge the settings from an auto-project when you create a new user-defined project. See Merging auto-project settings into a project for details on how to do this.

See Working with auto-projects, for details on how to manage auto-projects.

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