12.11.3. Working with auto-projects

When you load an image directly to a debug target, RealView Debugger checks to see if an auto-project settings file exists for the image in the same location. Where an auto-project exists, RealView Debugger opens it and then uses it to load the specified image. Where no auto-project exists, RealView Debugger creates an in-memory auto-project to use in this session.


If you have created a project, it is recommended that you open this first to load and debug the associated image. This enables you to build your application and to change project settings.

Figure 12.16 shows a Process Control pane where the image dhrystone.axf has been loaded to the debug target without opening the project first.

Figure 12.16. Auto-projects in the Process Control pane

Auto-projects in the Process Control pane

In this example, the Project <Auto> entry shows that RealView Debugger is using an auto-project. An in-memory auto-project is identified by the Settings <Not Saved> entry.

When you save the settings for an auto-project, they are saved in a .apr file, for example, dhrystone.axf.apr. An auto-project that has a saved settings file is identified by a Settings <Saved> entry.

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