13.4.3. Undoing changes

The File Editor provides several ways to undo mistakes as you edit a file.

Undoing edits

Select Edit → Undo to reverse the effect of your last action. The number of levels of undo is defined by the Undo value in the Edit settings in your workspace. The default value gives 64 levels of undo.

Undoing and redoing edits

Select Edit → Redo to redo your last undo. The number of levels of redo is defined by the Undo value in the workspace Edit settings.

Reverting to the last saved version of a file

You can discard all changes you have made since the last time you saved your file. Select Re-Open File from the file tabs context menu to return a file to the last-saved version. Because the current file is dirty you are warned to save changes before reloading.

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