2.1.2. Groups in the Connection Control window

Connection and target details are displayed as a hierarchy, in the Name column of the Connection Control window:

Target Vehicle

The Top-level group is the supported target vehicle as specified by the target configuration settings. That is, ARM-ARM-USB for the RVI-ME target.

Access-provider connection

The Second-level group shows the type of vehicle, or the debug target interface used to support the connection. That is, RVI-ME, the ARM® JTAG debug tool for embedded systems.

Endpoint connections

Third-level entry shows that the ARM7TDMI_0 target is available.

The endpoint connection is accompanied by a check box to show the current state of the connection. When connected, this check box is checked, shown in Figure 2.2. Where no connection has been made, the check box is blank.

RealView Debugger uses icons to help you identify the types of entries in the Name column.

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