14.3.1. Viewing search results

The results of any Find in Files search are displayed in two ways:

Viewing matches in the FileFind tab

Click the OK button in the Find in Files dialog box to make the FileFind tab current in the Output pane and display the grep -f command being executed.

If the search finds matches then the results are displayed in the FileFind tab.

If the search finds matches then the results are displayed in the FileFind tab where the first matching occurrence of the search string is highlighted. Each entry shows:

  • the filename in the chosen search path where a match has been found

  • the line number in the file where the match has been found, set up by default using the -N flag

  • the contents of the matching line.

Double-click on a chosen result line to move through the results list shown in the FileFind tab.

Viewing matches in the File Editor

If the current File Editor is empty, or you are editing a file not included in the results list, then a successful search creates a new file tab in the File Editor pane. This contains the first file in the search results and you can see a blue indicator pointing at the first matching line in the file. The matching line of code is also highlighted in the FileFind tab in the Output pane.

If you move down to a match in the results list and the corresponding file is not currently displayed in the File Editor then a new file tab is created automatically and the indicator positioned at the matching line.

If the File Editor already contains file tabs for all the files where successful matches have been identified then the corresponding tabs are displayed as you move through the results list in the Output pane.

The Find in Files... option searches for matches in files already stored on the disk. If you are editing a file in the File Editor that has not been saved to disk and a match is found in this file, then line numbers and the position of the indicator might not be shown accurately in the file tab. Therefore, to ensure that matches are located correctly, you must save any files before starting the search.

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