16.2.1. Connection entries

The target connection groups shown in Figure 16.1 are set up for you when you install RealView Developer Kit (RVDK). You are provided with a RealView Debugger connection interface component, or vehicle, called ARM-ARM-USB. The ARM-ARM-USB vehicle provides the interface to RealView ICE Micro Edition (RVI-ME) debug target.

The connection entries in the board file have a corresponding entry in the Connection Control window. So, for the board file shown in Figure 16.1, the Connection Control window in Figure 16.2 shows connection for RVI-ME.

To see these connection entries, you must have installed RVI-ME. RealView Debugger does not include any connection software of its own.

Figure 16.2. Connection entries in the Connection Control window

The Connection Control window uses the connection configurations listed in the board file to create a tree of possible connection vehicles and the processors that can be reached using them.

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