RealView ® DeveloperSuite Getting Started Guide

Version 2.2

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction
1.1. RealView Developer Suite components
1.1.1. RealView Developer Suite installation,examples, and documentation directories
1.1.2. CodeWarrior for RVDS
1.1.3. RealView Debugger
1.1.4. RealView Compilation Tools
1.1.5. RealView ARMulator Instruction SetSimulator
1.1.6. RVDS example projects
1.1.7. ARM eXtended Debugger
1.1.8. ARM Symbolic Debugger
1.2. RealView Developer Suite licensing
1.2.1. Multiprocessor debugging license
1.2.2. CEVA-Oak and CEVA-Teaklite DSP debugginglicense
1.2.3. CEVA-Teak DSP debugging license
1.2.4. LSI Logic ZSP DSP debugging license
1.2.5. Motorola M56621 (Neptune) DSP debugginglicense
1.3. RealView Developer Suite documentation
1.3.1. List of documents
1.3.2. Getting more information online
1.4. RealView Developer Suite examples
1.5. ARM Developer Suite
1.5.1. Installing the older ADS compilation tools
1.6. Target vehicle support
1.6.1. RVDS target vehicle support on Windows
1.6.2. RVDS target vehicle support on SunSolaris and Red Hat Linux
1.6.3. ADS v1.2.1 target vehicle support
1.7. Fixing problems with your RVDS environment
1.7.1. The main RVDS environment variables
2. New Features of RVDS v2.2 SP1
2.1. Documentation
2.2. DSP support
3. Getting Started with RealView Developer Suite
3.1. Building and debugging task overview
3.2. Using the example projects
3.2.1. CodeWarrior for RVDS example projectfiles
3.2.2. The example Dhrystone project
A. Using the armenv Tool
A.1. About the armenv tool
A.2. Using the armenv tool
A.2.1. armenv command syntax
A.2.2. armenv command-line arguments
A.2.3. Examples
B. Differences
B.1. Changes between RVDS v2.2 SP1 andRVDS v2.2
B.1.1. Documentation changes
B.1.2. Debugger support
B.1.3. Build tool support
B.2. Changes between RVDS v2.2 and RVDSv2.1
B.2.1. IDE support
B.2.2. Debugger tool support
B.2.3. Build tool support
B.2.4. Agilent Probe support
B.3. Changes between RVDS v2.1 and RVDSv2.0
B.3.1. Debugger tool support
B.3.2. Build tool support
B.4. Changes between RVDS v2.2 and ADSv1.2.1
B.4.1. CodeWarrior IDE changes
B.4.2. Debugger changes
B.4.3. Build tool changes
B.4.4. ARM simulator changes

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