1.1.4. RealView Debugger

RealView Debugger together with a supported debug target (see Debug Interface support), enables you to debug your application programs and have complete control over the flow of the program execution so that you can quickly isolate and correct errors.


For information specific to using RealView Debugger on Red Hat Linux see the appendix that describes RealView Debugger on Red Hat Linux. You can find this appendix in the RealView Debugger User Guide.

RealView Debugger includes the support for:

The default license for RealView Debugger enables you to debug applications that run on single or multiple ARM architecture-based processors. However, you must purchase additional licenses to extend the RealView Debugger functionality to support debugging on DSPs. See RealView Development Suite licensing for more details.

For more details on the features available in RealView Debugger, see the RealView Debugger Essentials Guide.

For a complete description of RealView Debugger and how to use it, see the RealView Debugger documentation. The documentation is listed in RealView Development Suite documentation.

RealView Debugger downloads

To access various RealView Debugger downloads, from RealView Debugger select:

Help → ARM on the Web → Goto RTOS Awareness Downloads

This displays the OS-Aware and Middleware Debug web page on the ARM web site. From here you can locate and download the OS plug-in of your choice.

Help → ARM on the Web → Goto Update and Utility Downloads

This displays the ARM Technical Support - Downloads web page on the ARM web site. From here you can locate and download any ARM software updates and utilities.

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