1.1.1. RVDS installation, examples, and documentation directories

Various RVDS directories that are installed on your system contain useful files. The RVDS documentation refers to these directories where required.

All directories can be found below the main installation directory. Also, many of the examples used in the documentation are contained in a single examples directory. Any exceptions are identified where they are referenced.

The main installation, examples, and documentation directories are identified in Table 1.1. The install_directory shown is the default installation directory. If you specified a different installation directory, then the path names are relative to your chosen directory.

Table 1.1. RealView Development Suite directories

DirectoryWindows default pathRed Hat Linux default path

C:\Program Files\ARM


RealView Profiler examplesinstall_directory\RVP\...\examples\...install_directory/RVP/.../examples/...
Project templatesinstall_directory\project_templates\...install_directory/project_templates/...

For more information on accessing the documentation, see RealView Development Suite documentation.

For a summary of the examples provided, see:

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