1.4. RealView Development Suite examples

The code for many of the examples in the RVDS documentation is located in the main examples directory (see RVDS installation, examples, and documentation directories).

In addition, the directory contains example code that is not described in the documentation. Read the readme.txt in each example directory for more information. The examples are installed in the following subdirectories:


Some examples of ARM assembly language programming. The examples are used in the RealView Compilation Tools Assembler Guide.


Examples of routines to initialize cache and TCMs on various ARM processors, built around the Dhrystone example. The supported processors include:

  • ARM9xx processors

  • ARM11xx processors

  • Cortex™-A8

  • Cortex-R4.


Examples for the ARM Cortex-M1 processor, that include example scatter files and build scripts.


Examples for the ARM Cortex-M3 processor, that include example scatter files and build scripts.


Some basic C++ examples.


Design documentation and example code for a standard Data Abort handler.


Example code that demonstrates how to use the Debug Communications Channel. The example is described in the RealView Compilation Tools Developer Guide.


The Dhrystone Benchmark. The example is used in the RealView Debugger documentation.


This example demonstrates the use of the ETSI basic operations provided in dspfns.h.


The example projects referenced in the chapter that describes embedded software development in the RealView Compilation Tools Developer Guide. The following subdirectories are included:


Batch and make files to build the example projects. See the related readme.txt file for a description of each project.


Source files for the Dhrystone benchmarking program. This program provides the code base for the example projects in the individual buildn directories.


User defined header files.


Scatter files used to build the example projects.


All other source files required to build the example projects.


Fast Fourier Transform code optimized for ARM architecture v5TE (ARMv5TE).


Examples that show how to interwork between ARM code and Thumb code. See the chapter that describes interworking ARM and Thumb in the RealView Compilation Tools Developer Guide for details.


The source and documentation for the MMUgen utility. This utility can generate MMU pagetable data from a rules file that describes the virtual to physical address translation required.


An example of how to write position-independent code.


Example code that compares an insertion sort, shell sort, and the quick sort used in the ARM C libraries.


An example Supervisor Call (SVC) handler.


An example application trace.c that is used in the tracing tutorial described in the RealView Debugger Trace User Guide. The application:

  • simulates a small system that reads a set of input data samples and computes the sample average

  • provides a framework for common instruction and data trace scenarios.

The image is scatterloaded as defined in the trace.scat file.


Example code that enables you to evaluate multibyte character support.


Example code for enabling and carrying out VFP operations. Also included are various utility files for configuring the debug system when using VFP, and a PDF of Application Note 133 Using VFP in RVDS.

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