Further reading

This section lists publications from both ARM Limited and third parties that provide additional information.

ARM Limited periodically provides updates and corrections to its documentation. See http://www.arm.com for current errata, addenda, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

ARM publications

See the following documentation for details of the FLEXnet license management system, supplied by GLOBEtrotter Inc., that controls the use of ARM applications:

  • ARM FLEXnet License Management Guide v4.1 (ARM DUI 0209).

Make sure that you use version 4.1 of this document for details on license management in RVDS v3.1.

This book is part of the RVDS documentation suite. Other books in this suite include:

  • RealView Profiler User Guide (ARM DUI 0412)

  • RealView Development Suite Eclipse Plug-in User Guide (ARM DUI 0330)

  • RealView Development Suite CodeWarrior IDE Guide (ARM DUI 0065)

  • RealView Development Suite Glossary (ARM DUI 0324)

  • RealView Compilation Tools Essentials Guide (ARM DUI 0202)

  • RealView Compilation Tools Developer Guide (ARM DUI 0203)

  • RealView Compilation Tools Assembler Guide (ARM DUI 0204)

  • RealView Compilation Tools Compiler User Guide (ARM DUI 0205)

  • RealView Compilation Tools Compiler Reference Guide (ARM DUI 0348)

  • RealView Compilation Tools Libraries and Floating Point Support Guide (ARM DUI 0349)

  • RealView Compilation Tools Linker and Utilities Guide (ARM DUI 0206)

  • RealView Compilation Tools NEON™ Vectorizing Compiler Guide (ARM DUI 0350)

  • RealView Debugger Essentials Guide (ARM DUI 0181)

  • RealView Debugger User Guide (ARM DUI 0153)

  • RealView Debugger Target Configuration Guide (ARM DUI 0182)

  • RealView Debugger Trace User Guide (ARM DUI 0322)

  • RealView Debugger RTOS Guide (ARM DUI 0323)

  • RealView Debugger Command Line Reference Guide (ARM DUI 0175)

  • RealView ARMulator ISS v1.4 User Guide (ARM DUI 0207).

The following documentation provides general information on the ARM architecture, processors, associated devices, and software interfaces:

  • ARM Reference Peripheral Specification (ARM DDI 0062)

  • the ARM datasheet or technical reference manual for your hardware device.

For general information on software interfaces and standards supported by ARM, see install_directory\Documentation\Specifications\.

Refer to the following documentation for information relating to the ARM debug interfaces suitable for use with RealView Development Suite:

  • RealView ICE and RealView Trace User Guide (ARM DUI 0155).

Other publications

For a comprehensive introduction to ARM architecture see:

Steve Furber, ARM system-on-chip architecture (2nd edition, 2000). Addison Wesley, ISBN 0-201-67519-6.

For more information about CEVA-Oak, CEVA-TeakLite, and CEVA-Teak processors from CEVA, Inc. see http://www.ceva-dsp.com.

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