2.3. Booting the OS

Launch a HyperTerminal session on the host PC:

  1. Configure the port settings as follows. Set:

    • bits per second to 38400

    • data bits to 8

    • parity to none

    • stop bits to 1

    • flow control to none.

  2. Follow the instructions in the Integrator/CP Board Support Package for Windows CE .NET User Guide to set up the DIP switches and flash images on the platform so that the Windows CE .NET OS can boot up.

    When the OS starts to run, the HyperTerminal window shows the text Windows CE Kernel for ARM and other boot sequence output.

  3. Figure 2.1 shows that loading and initialization have completed. You can now download your user-developed application.


    The icons displayed in the main window might vary from those shown in Figure 2.1. They depend on which OS binary is shipped.

Figure 2.1. Windows CE .NET ready screen

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