2.2. Connecting to the Integrator/CP development board

See the Integrator/CP Board Support Package for Windows CE .NET User Guide for instructions on how to set up the target platform.

To connect to the Integrator/CP development board:

  1. Connect a null-modem or crossover cable between port B (bottom serial port) on the Integrator/CP platform and the host PC COM2.

  2. Connect another serial cable between port A (top serial port) on the CP board and the host PC COM1.

  3. Ensure that the null-modem cable wiring is interconnected between two nine-pin female connectors, as shown in Table 2.1, or ActiveSync cannot work.

Table 2.1. Null-modem cable interconnections for ActiveSync

PurposeAbbreviationFrom pinTo pin
Data Carrier DetectDCD14
Received DataRD or Rx23
Transmitted DataTD or Tx32
Data Terminal ReadyDTR41 and 6
Signal GroundSG or GND55
Data Set ReadyDSR64
Request To SendRTS78
Clear To SendCTS87
Ring IndicatorRING or RI99
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