2.5.1. Setting up the target connection properties

Before initiating the connection, you first set up the target (device) end connection properties. You must do this every time you reset the target:

  1. Open the target (device) end Control Panel. Use Start → Settings → Control Panel or navigate from My Computer.

  2. Select Network and Dial-up Connections, then select Make New Connection. Figure 2.3 shows the Make New Connection dialog box that appears.

    Figure 2.3. Make New Connection dialog box

    Make New Connection dialog box
  3. Select Direct Connection for the connection type and then choose Next >. Ensure that Serial Cable on COM1: is selected as the connection device.

  4. Click on Configure…. The Device Properties dialog box is displayed.

    Figure 2.4. Device Properties dialog box

    Device Properties dialog box
  5. Select the settings listed in Table 2.2.

    Table 2.2. ActiveSync configuration settings

    Manual Dial no
    Use Terminal window before dialing no
    Use terminal window after dialing no
    Baud Rate 57600
    Data Bits8
    Stop Bits1
    Flow Control None
  6. Select OK on the Device Properties dialog box and again on the subsequent Windows CE Networking dialog box about the changes.

  7. Select Finish to complete the new connection.

  8. Return to the Control Panel by closing the Network Connections window.

  9. Select PC Connection, then select Change… in the PC Connection Properties dialog box shown in Figure 2.5.

    Figure 2.5. PC Connection Properties dialog box

    PC Connection Properties dialog box
  10. Choose My Connection from the drop-down in the Change Connection dialog box, and press OK.

  11. Select OK to the connection change in the PC Connection Properties dialog box.

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