2.5.2. Using ActiveSync

To use ActiveSync:

  1. Start the ActiveSync program on the host PC to display the Get Connected dialog box shown in Figure 2.6.

    Figure 2.6. ActiveSync Get Connected dialog box

    ActiveSync Get Connected dialog box

    If it is not displayed, select File → Get Connected… from the ActiveSync program menu.

  2. Start the Repllog.exe application on the target. This program is located in the Windows directory, or you can enter Repllog into the Start → Run… dialog box. Figure 2.7 shows the dialog box.

    Figure 2.7. Repllog connection dialog box on target

    Repllog connection dialog box on target
  3. Return to the host PC and press Next > on the Get Connected dialog. ActiveSync now searches for a target to connect to.

  4. If you have performed Steps 2 and 3 within four seconds then the connection is made and, after a short time, ActiveSync indicates this on the host PC.

    If the connection is not successful, the Get Connected dialog box displays the failure:

    1. Check all of your connection settings.

    2. Check that the cable is plugged in to the correct target port.

    3. Return to step 2 and try again.

  5. A new dialog box named New Partnership displays on the host PC, select No and then choose Next >.

  6. Press the Explore button on the ActiveSync window toolbar to bring up an explorer window. This shows the contents of the target desktop and enables you to copy files to and from your target. Figure 2.8 shows the ActiveSync window.

    Figure 2.8. ActiveSync window after connection to the target

    ActiveSync window after connection to the target
  7. Copy your HelloWorld.exe from your sample application project directory (see Building a sample application, step 15), and paste it into the Explorer window for the target.

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