Chapter 7. HBI-0141 Hardware Description

This chapter describes the on-board hardware on the ARM7TDMI and ARM7TDMI-S Core Tiles that use the HBI-0141 printed circuit board (the companion Logic Tile or Interface Module for these tiles are also described where relevant). It contains the following sections:


The HBI-0141 board supports both the ARM7TDMI and ARM7TDMI-S processors, but the availability of boards depends on the availability of test chips. Contact your sales representatives for details on currently available Core Tiles.


This chapter describes the generic hardware and is independent of the FPGA image used in an external Logic Tile, Interface Module, or baseboard.

The diagrams in this chapter (such as the block diagram shown in Figure 7.1 for example) are typical of Core Tiles, but your Core Tile architecture might be different depending on the test chip used.

The specific clock interconnections, voltage setting resistors and link, and bus interfaces might be different for different test chips. Different test chips might also use the configuration signals in different ways. Refer to the Technical Reference Manual for your processor family, the test chip reference information on the CD supplied with your Core Tile, and the appendices in this manual for more detail.

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