3.4.3. In-place editing

In-place editing enables you to change a stored value and to see the results of that change instantly. RealView Debugger offers in-place editing whenever possible. For example, if you are displaying the contents of memory or registers and you want to change a stored value:

  1. Double-click in the value you want to change, or press Enter if the item is already selected. The value is enclosed in a box with the characters highlighted to show they are selected (pending deletion).

  2. Either:

    • enter data to overwrite the highlighted content

    • press the left or right arrow keys to deselect the existing data and position the insertion point where you want to make a change.

  3. Press Enter to store the new value in the selected location.

If you press Escape before you press Enter, any changes you have made in the highlighted field are ignored.

In-place editing is not suitable for:

In these cases, an appropriate dialog box is displayed.


When using in-place editing, you must either complete the entry and press Enter, or press Escape to cancel the operation. If you move the focus to another pane, RealView Debugger cancels the current in-place editing operation.

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