4.12. Building and rebuilding an image with RealView Debugger

After you are familiar with the basic tasks for loading and debugging an image with RealView Debugger, the next step is to decide how you want to build your own image. You can:

The following procedure describes how to rebuild the image for the RealView Debugger Dhrystone project. It assumes that you are familiar with the RealView Debugger desktop described in Chapter 3 RealView Debugger Desktop.

  1. Before you rebuild the Dhrystone project, make a back up copy of the RealView Debugger examples_directory\dhrystone project directory.

  2. Start RealView Debugger (see Starting RealView Debugger).

  3. Open the RVDK Dhrystone example project file (dhrystone.prj) located in the RealView Debugger examples directory:


    See Opening an existing RealView Debugger project for instructions on how to open a project.

  4. To rebuild the dhrystone.axf image, select the menu option Build → Rebuild All.

    If you see a prompt stating that the makefile does not exist, click Yes to build the makefile. RealView Debugger creates a makefile and a build directory for each of the build target configurations defined in the project (see Build target configurations for Standard and Library projects for details)

    Build messages appear in the Build tab of the Output pane.

  5. When the build is complete, you can load the image as described in Loading an image associated with a RealView Debugger project.

See the chapter on managing projects in the RealView Developer Kit v2.2 Debugger User Guide for more details on building your application.

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